The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 167
Horizon: Zero Dawn: 39
Super Mario Odyssey: 27
Nier: Automata: 12
Persona 5: 8
Divintiy: Original Sin 2: 7
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: 7
Prey: 5
Assassin’s Creed: Origins: 5
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus: 4
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: 3
What Remains of Edith Finch: 2
Cuphead: 2
Uncharted: Lost Legacy: 1
Dead Rising 4: 1
Rime: 1
Call of Duty: WWII: 1
Night in the Woods: 1
Dragon Quest XI: 1
Gravity Rush 2: 1
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018: 1
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice: 1
Friday the 13th: The Game: 1
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: 1
Yakuza 0: 1

Total Awards: 300

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Total: 167
Critics: 143
Readers: 24

(AE) Zoomji
(AU) AusGamers
(AU) Stevivor
(BE) News Monkey
(BR) Catracalivre
(BR) Gamekult
(BR) Gamekult Readers’ Choice
(BR) Gamevicio
(BR) IGN Brazil
(BR) Overloadr
(BR) Premiere Line
(BR) Super Interessante
(BR) Techmundo
(BR) Techmundo Readers’ Choice
(BR) UOL Jogos
(BR) Videogame Mais
(CA) CG Magazine
(CA) Gamecrate
(CA) Goombastomp
(CA) Watch Mojo
(CH) Games.ch
(CN) South China Morning Post
(CO) Enter.co Readers’ Choice
(DE) 4players.de
(DE) Bild.de – Tied with Super Mario Odyssey
(DE) Eurogamer.de Readers’ Choice
(DE) Gamereactor Deutschland
(DE) Gameswelt.de
(DE) Maniac.de
(ES) 3DJuegos
(ES) 3DJuegos Readers’ Choice
(ES) AnaitGames Readers’ Choice
(ES) Area Jugones
(ES) Depor Play
(ES) Fayerwayer
(ES) FayerWayer Readers’ Choice
(ES) Fun and Serious Games Festival
(ES) Gamereactor Spain
(ES) Gaming Esports
(ES) Hobby Consolas
(ES) IGN Spain
(ES) La Vanguardia
(ES) Los 40
(ES) Meristation
(ES) Playground
(ES) Vida Extra
(ES) Vida Extra Readers’ Choice
(FR) Actugaming.net
(FR) Actugaming.net Readers’ Choice
(FR) Cnews.fr
(FR) Gameblog
(FR) Gamergen
(FR) GamerGen Readers’ Choice
(FR) Gamewave
(FR) Geeks and Com
(FR) Hitek.fr
(FR) Jeuxvideo Live
(FR) Jeuxvideo.com
(FR) Les Inrocktuptibles
(GR) Insomnia
(GR) Zougla
(HU) IGN Hungary
(ID) JagatPlay
(IN) Techraptor.net
(INT) Mandatory
(IR) Digiato
(IT) Everyeye.it
(IT) Everyeye.it Readers’ Choice
(IT) Hardware Upgrade Readers’ Choice
(IT) IGN Italy
(IT) Multiplayer.it
(IT) Optimaitalia
(IT) Staynerd
(IT) Staynerd Peoples’ Choice
(JP) Famsitu Awards – Tied with Dragon Quest XI
(JP) IGN Japan
(MX) Atomix.vg
(MX) Xataka
(NL) De Tech Awards
(NL) Gamemania Readers’ Choice
(NL) Inside Gamer
(NO) Gamereactor Norway
(PH) Back2Gaming
(PL) Gamerweb.pl
(PL) ITHardware.pl
(PL) Komputerswiat.pl
(PL) Polygamia
(PL) Spider’s Web
(RU) Kanobu.ru
(SE) FZ Readers’ Choice
(SE) Gamereactor Sweden
(SE) M3
(SE) Moviezine
(SE) Varvat
(SK) Refresher
(SK) Sector.sk
(UK) Edge Magazine
(UK) EE Pocket-Lint Gadget Awards
(UK) Eurogamer
(UK) Eurogamer Readers’ Choice
(UK) Golden Joystick Awards
(UK) Metro
(UK) Metro Readers’ Choice
(UK) Techradar
(UK) The Guardian
(UK) The Telegraph
(UK) What Culture
(US) Destructoid
(US) Destructoid Readers’ Choice
(US) DICE Awards
(US) Digital Trends
(US) Dualshockers Developers’ Choice
(US) Easy Allies
(US) Ebaum’s World
(US) Entertainment Weekly
(US) Fandom
(US) Forbes
(US) Gameindustry.biz
(US) Gameinformer
(US) Gameinformer Readers’ Choice
(US) Gameranx
(US) Gameranx Readers’ Choice
(US) Gamespew
(US) Gamespot
(US) Gamespot Readers’ Choice
(US) Gamesradar
(US) Gaming Bolt
(US) GDC Awards
(US) Geek
(US) Giant Bomb Readers’ Choice
(US) IGN Readers’ Choice
(US) Kinja Readers’ Choice
(US) Maxim
(US) Mercury News
(US) Metacritic
(US) Metacritic Readers’ Choice
(US) New York Game Awards
(US) Paste Magazine
(US) Polygon
(US) Reno Gazette Journal
(US) Screen Rant
(US) Screw Attack
(US) Shacknews
(US) SXSW Awards
(US) Syfy Wire
(US) The Angry Joe Show
(US) The Daily Camera
(US) The Economist 1843
(US) The Game Awards
(US) The Ringer
(US) The Sixth Axis
(US) The Young Folks
(US) Thrillist
(US) Time
(US) Tom’s Guide
(US) Trusted Reviews
(US) Twinfinite
(US) USGamer
(US) Venturebeat
(US) VGChartz
(US) Vulture
(ZA) Critical Hit
(ZA) SA Gamer
(ZA) Techcentral

Nier: Automata

Total: 12
Critics: 11
Readers: 1

Persona 5

Total: 8
Critics: 5
Readers: 3

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Total: 7
Critics: 6
Readers: 1

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Total: 7
Critics: 7
Readers: 0

(BR) G1 Globo
(EG) Masrawy
(ES) Clarin
(MY) Lowyat
(US) Business Insider
(US) Giant Bomb


Total: 5
Critics: 5
Readers: 0

(AU) News.com.au
(CZ) Doupe.cz
(RU) 3dnews.ru
(RU) Playground.ru
(UK) Worth A Buy?

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Total: 5
Critics: 4
Readers: 1

Wolfenstein II

Total: 4
Critics: 1
Readers: 3

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Total: 3
Critics: 3
Readers: 0

(DE) Knockoutmagazin.de
(US) Geekreply
(US) The Daily Dot

What Remains of Edith Finch

Total: 2
Critics: 2
Readers: 0

(SE) Aftonbladet
(UK) Bafta Awards


Total: 2
Critics: 2
Readers: 0

(CA) National Post
(DK) Gamereactor Denmark

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Total: 1
Critics: 0
Readers: 1

(IN) IGN India Readers’ Choice

Dead Rising 4

Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(VN) Dead Rising 4


Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(ES) Zonared

Call of Duty WWII

Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(US) We Are Basket

Night In The Woods

Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(US) Unwinnable

Dragon Quest XI

Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(JP) Famsitu – Tied with Zelda

Gravity Rush 2

Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(ID) Tribune Batam

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Total: 1
Critics: 0
Readers: 1

(UA) ITC.ua Readers’ Choice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(BR) Emaisgoias

Friday The 13th: The Game

Total: 1
Critics: 0
Readers: 1

(US) Bloody Disgusting Readers’ Choice

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Total: 1
Critics: 0
Readers: 1

(PL) Antyradio Readers’ Choice

Yakuza 0

Total: 1
Critics: 1
Readers: 0

(ES) Vandal