Frequently Asked Questions

What is GOTY List?

GOTY List is a comprehensive list of all the Game of the Year awards.

What publications are included in the list?

Major reputable publications are included. These include magazines, newspapers, online publications, TV shows, retail outlets, podcasts and video channels. The award must represent the consensus of the entire publication.

What publications are not included in the list?

Small publications, school publications, personal blogs, and platform-specific publications (i.e. a website dedicated to Playstation) are not included in the main list. General “best of the year” lists and lists with unclear winners are also not included. We have put these publications in the “Other” section.

How up to date is the list?

We try to keep the list as up to date as possible.

What are the two letters before each publication?

These letters represent the publication’s country.

AE – United Arab Emirates
AR – Argentina
AU – Australia
BA – Bosnia
BD – Bangladesh
BG – Bulgaria
BY – Belarus
BR – Brasil
CA – Canada
CH – Switzerland
CN – China
CO – Colombia
CZ – Czech Republic
DE – Germany
DO – Dominican Republic
EG – Egypt
ES – Spain
FI – Finland
FR – France
GR – Greece
HK – Hong Kong
HU – Hungary
ID – Indonesia
IS – Iceland
IE – Ireland
IN – India
INT – International
IR – Iran
IT – Italy
JP – Japan
KE – Kenya
MX – Mexico
MY – Malaysia
NL – Netherlands
NO – Norway
NZ – New Zealand
PH – Phillipines
PL – Poland
PT – Portugal
RO – Romania
RU – Russia
SE – Sweden
SG – Singapore
SK – Slovakia
TH – Thailand
TR – Turkey
TW – Taiwan
UK – United Kingdom
US – United States
ZA – South Africa